2020 TEECA Midwest Regional & Illinois ITEC Convention
Midwest conference information for the Technology & Engineering Educators Collegiate Association (TEECA)

2020 Virtual Competitions


November 5-7, 2020

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2020 TEECA Midwest Regional

TEECA-affiliated chapters throughout the midwest section of the U.S. are participating in the 2020 TEECA Midwest Regional Conference this fall, as a virtual series of programs and competitions.

The TEECA program is part of the Illinois convention program . . . so students will be attending an event with 100+ other educators and administrators.  TEECA students are encouraged to attend professional sessions on STEM-based themes, classroom activities, teaching skills, etc.

The featured speakers on Friday will be a highlight of the convention.

TEECA Competitive Event Information:

Five contests will be included in the 2020 TEECA Midwest program . . . a brief description of the challenges are listed below.

* The display contest and teaching contest challenges were shared several weeks ago (check with your Advisor)

* Main speakers and session on Friday (note the CDT time on all events!)  [ http://teaillinois.org/ITECSessions ]

* TEECA challenges for communication, problem solving, and transportation scheduled events

* The Teaching Lesson event is set for 1:30 PM CDT on Friday afternoon

* Problem Solving and Transportation finals are Friday afternoon at 5:00 CDT

            PASSWORD IS

* The awards program is Saturday, November 7th at 9:00 AM CDT.  Communication videos are to be shown at this time!

* TEECA awards for the other 5 events will be announced on Saturday morning [


* Thanks for participating in our first-ever virtual event!
A print version of the entire TEECA competitive events manual can be found at this link:  CLICK HERE

Contest details for TEECA teams:

Participants Roster: All teams must submit a roster of participants for each event they enter:  CLICK HERE


College students will be creating a 30-second video that explains the evolving technologies associated with 5G networks.  

GUIDELINES     CHALLENGE    Please submit all forms to: "rseymour@bsu.edu" by 9:00 AM on Saturday morning!

Display Contest This event involves teams designing and creating a graphic display board which explains a selected topic.  The challenge during Fall 2020 is the differences between the original STLs and the newly released STELs.   [ LINK TO THE DISPLAYS ]

Please submit a decent JPEG images of your display to: "rseymour@bsu.edu" by 9:00 AM on Friday morning!

Problem Solving

Teams of college students are trying to launch a standard ping pong ball from one end of a yard stick to the other end.  The ball must "fly" the entire 36 inches!  Fabrication of the mechanism occurs at each institution; showcasing of the “new” device occurs during the Friday afternoon finals.

GUIDELINES     CHALLENGE    Please submit all forms to: "rseymour@bsu.edu" by 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon!
Teaching Lesson 

“Material Processing”


The original Standards for Technological Literacy (STL) contains 20 different, unique content standards . . . the new Technology & Engineering Literacy guidelines are broader and more comprehensive.  Yet one of the main themes is very familiar, material processing. 


For the TEECA Teaching Lesson event at the 2020 TEECA Midwest Regional Conference, students will teach a virtual lesson related to material processing, as outlined in the STELs).  [ LINK TO ILLINOIS PROGRAM WEBSITE ]

CHALLENGE    Please submit all digital handouts, etc. to: "rseymour@bsu.edu" by 1:00 PM CDT on Friday afternoon so they can be shared with the judging team


Students will be creating a land-based vehicle that will travel a 10-foot course at a set speed, then modify the vehicle to go exactly 1/2 the pace (speed) of that initial run.  The event “finals” will be on Friday afternoon at 5:00 CDT.  [ LINK ]

GUIDELINES     CHALLENGE    Please submit all forms to: "rseymour@bsu.edu" by 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon!

Final Results (Champions) / 2020 TEECA Midwest Regional:

    Communication: Purdue University
    Display Contest: Ball State University
    Problem Solving: University of Northern Iowa
    Teaching Lesson: Purdue University
    Transportation: Purdue University

Conference & Contest Coordinator: Dr. Richard D. Seymour [ rseymour@bsu.edu ]

 R Seymour | Last Modification: November 2020