Greetings! Welcome to Drawn to Reading, an exciting and rewarding project where young people can explore their roles as artist while supporting a worthwhile cause of expanding literacy and supporting their state at the National Book Festival in Washington DC. Students are introduced to the career options available within the world of printing and publishing as they create original artwork for the creation of bookmarks. Those bookmarks are then digitized and assembled as printable files by graphic communications students within Ball State University’s School of Art. These electronic files are then printed on a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C2070 digital press. The finished bookmarks are then shipped to the Library of Congress in Washington DC and given to the Center for the Book from the corresponding state. Visitors of the National Book Festival in turn received bookmarks promoting literacy that are given away by the Center for the Book of that state as a momento of their visit. Everyone wins when kids are Drawn to Reading. Professor Hans P. Kellogg
Inner Program Scoop  As a graphic communication program at the university level, Ball State Universities' Graphic Arts Management program prepares students for careers within the printing, publishing, and packaging industries. Drawn to Reading, an immersive learning project within our graphic program, works to promote art and literacy and to allow young people to explore career options in the world of graphics. Our role is to act as facilitators to communicate, collaborate and create bookmarks using artwork from elementary art students from around the country. Our overall goal is to promote literacy through the facilitation of the creation of bookmarks of elementary student's artwork. Through the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress, each state in the union also has a Center for the Book. The main activity for these centers is the promotion and attendance of the National Book Festival held in Washington D.C. each fall. One of the activities is the display and promotion of each of the State's Center for the Book. DTR provides the opportunity for participating states to promote reading in their state through the distribution of bookmarks created by young people of that individual state. Additionally, the reason behind this program is to provide real world experience for students within the graphics communication program at Ball State University. These students do the work of managing and facilitating the creation of the printed bookmarks. With the theory of practice studied within the traditional classroom, DTR provides the much needed practical applications the university students will come to use in their chosen profession.
The Library of Congress National Book Festival is an annual literary event that brings together best-selling authors and thousands of book fans for author talks, panel discussions, book signings and other activities. Over its 16-year history, the National Book Festival has become one of the preeminent literary events in the United States. To promote a culture of reading and literacy, the Library of Congress presents the annual National Book Festival — a book lover's dream come true. Each year, the festival brings together the nation's greatest authors, poets and illustrators with their many fans for author talks, book-signings and family and children's activities both in-person and virtually, entirely free of charge.
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The power of print has a dual responsibility; the ability to enhance and encourage learning and the potential to expand and promote thoughts, ideas, and concepts to others."